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Thanks for submitting!

Thank you for your interest in my campaign to become Harris County District Clerk!


My family has a long history of public service, as do I. Starting with my early experiences as a member of the PTA at my daughter’s school right up through my time with the state-level Texas PTA as Executive Director.

This role of District Clerk is one few are familiar with. The Clerk is the record-keeper for Harris County Courts; she handles funds related to cases; she coordinate the jury panel selection process; and more. It’s a behind-the-scenes role that’s so important to a well run judicial system.

A successful District Clerk must have strong management, organizational, and financial skills, as well as a strong moral and work ethic. I will bring these traits, my experience with grassroots political organization, and my financial expertise as a CPA to the job.

I look forward to serving you!

What Marilyn Will Do

I will restore integrity and sound fiscal management to an office badly in need of such qualities.

With one of the largest budgets of any department in the county, my financial expertise is needed!

I will work to increase diversity among prospective jurors.

Having juries that reflect the county’s demographics increases faith and trust in the justice system. Juries too often have no or few minorities, so they are not truly a jury of one’s peers. I will create effective outreach efforts to bring in more minorities to jury service.

I will support the bail overhaul system.

Too many non-violent offenders are held in jail awaiting trial because they lack the money to post bail. This means they lose their jobs and can’t support their families or contribute to the economy. Meanwhile, the taxpayer is responsible for housing and feeding them, as well as for their medical care. This is not good for the offender, their family, the economy, or the taxpayer, and it needs to stop.

I will make the county′s electronic court records system more efficient and easier to navigate.

I will work to increase the stability, consistency, and customer service response times.


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